Top quality home improvement websites attract plenty of business. Customers are drawn to contractors who have a strong online presence. Nowadays, almost everyone uses a smartphone or, at the very least, uses a computer to research businesses and more.

You'll find plenty of websites for contractors, but not all of them do what they're supposed to do, which is to find more customers. When done properly, your home improvement website is sure to bring in new business. see websites for home builders here

Read on to discover how to make the best small business web design specifically for home builders and general contractors.

Before we begin to tackle how you can create a great website for your home improvement or improvement business, let's look at how others get it wrong. After all, learning from the mistakes of other people is a lot cheaper and a great hack.

If you do a simple search engine lookup, you'll notice some common features in the websites of general contractors. First of all, most of them purchase some generic website template. If you look even deeper and read the text content, especially the About Us or Company Information page, you'll notice the content is written in a very plain and general way, too. More on home builder website

Next, chances are the websites you'll see have a Facebook page. If you visit said page, it's very likely the content is either bare or is filled with generic posts that don't really get plenty of audience engagement.

Why is this? Lots of small business owners wrongly assume any generic website or social media account is enough to attract business. It never is.  

If you want your home improvement or contractor website to stand out, you have to go the extra mile. You can do this by having a unique voice. When visitors go to your website, they should have a feel for your company's personality. Take the time to choose a color template that reflects your company's persona.

Furthermore, write content that educates your website visitors. Give them useful information so they'll not only come back to your site for more, they'll also consider your company an expert in the field.

Finally, have a call-to-action at the end of each blog post. This can include telling your visitors how to reach you, or ask them to visit a particular page, such as a sales page.

With a little bit of effort and planning, your home improvement or general contractor website will be sure to stand out.

Tips to Create an Engaging Home Improvement Website